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Cherry Pie Kush – (Indica)
Cotton Candy – (Indica)

Guava Berry – (Hybrid)
Honey Crisp – (Hybrid)
Jack Herer – (Hybrid)
Kandy Kush – (Indica Hybrid)
Orange Cookies – (Hybrid)
Shipwreck- (Hybrid)
Strawberry – (Hybrid)
Mac Stomper – (Hybrid)
Orange Cream – (Hybrid)

Passion Fruit – (Sativa Hybrid)
Pineapple Express – (Sativa)
Purple Lemon Haze – (Sativa Hybrid)

Renegade Rx CBD – (High CBD)
Sour Tsunami CBD – (High CBD)

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Buy Optimum Extracts online
They offer 100% pure CO2 cannabis oil vape cartridges that are among top three best-selling pure vape cartridges on the market. Optimum Extracts has made a name for itself as a top brand in the cannabis industry, and a definite must-have. Buy Optimum Extracts online

Optimum Extracts is as clean, organic, and pure as it gets – – and we’ve got a whole bunch of their products waiting for you!

Therefore Buy Optimum Extracts online. Full Spectrum Oil by Optimum Extracts. 100% Compliant. Clean CO2 Extracted. No additives, cutting agents, or glycols. CO2 extracts are rich in cannabinoids and cannabis derived terpenes for maximum potency, taste, and optimal user experience. Keeping the integrity of the plant all the way to the pen. Good in, good out. Taste the terpenes. Always pesticide tested. 4X Dope Cup Winner.

Moreover the ‘flagship’ of our product line, which contains no glycols or additives. We start by using only medical grade CO2 (carbon dioxide). We then refine it, using the most scientifically sound, and cleanest distillation process. Also, We use only organic ethanol to remove all the waxes and fats from the raw oil.

However our temperature-based process physically separates the organic solvent from the solution, while retaining a broad spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. We finish with a zero atmosphere, total-vacuum process to remove all traces of residual solvent and moisture. The result is superlative, pharmaceutical grade, cannabis oil. Featuring a light golden amber color, rich with the full essence, flavors and aromas of the original plant.

Proprietary, custom-blended flavours using 100% pure cannabis-derived terpenes. Our Full Spectrum CO2 oil is cannabinoid-rich, free of artificial flavouring, paired with authentic CCELL cartridges and pods for an unmatched user experience.


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